More and more children, teens, and young adults lack the life skills they need to know.

With an increased drive towards academics and eliminating other practical subjects, students are going into the world with serious and damaging gaps in skills and knowledge.

As parents, no matter how wide and varied our skill base might seem, there's still a narrow core competency when considering the array of skills that there are to learn, even in the best case scenario.

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Why Skill Trek Exists

Actively involved within our community, we believed our children were covered when it came to life skills, but after a routine family outting with others, we were surprised to realize the gaps within our own family. 

Having both typically developing children and children with special needs, we looked for a curriculum to help us explore areas we wanted to cover. We also needed it to be customizable and allow our whole family to learn together. 

Being a homeschooling family for over a decade, we thought surely there was something out there to meet our needs. Unable to find what we were looking for, we created something that has worked wonders in our own home.

Skill Trek made such a fundamental difference for our family! Not only are our children becoming proficient in essential life skills, but they are using those skills within the family unit. We even see our younger children teaching their new skills to their older siblings. And as parents, we're learning new skills, too!

The Transformation is Astounding

“I was totally blown away that my rambunctious five year old embraced the challenge of making his bed. Mastering this small task not only increased his self-esteem, but Skill Trek’s challenge is not a one time event; it's a habit forming strategy. Ten weeks later, he's still making his own bed every morning."

Skill Trek is the one thing I didn't realize was missing from our homeschool journey. Having the ability to teach my children lessons that I am not able to teach myself, right from the site is worth its weight in gold. I cannot wait to see what my children learn by the end of the year!" ~ Stephanie of The Multi-Taskin' Mom.

"Finally! A curriculum that helps me prepare my kids with life skills they need. I am impressed with how simple the tasks are and yet they are so needed. I was really pleased to discover that I could add tasks from other levels for my older girls who are jumping in at the highest level. This will ensure they don't miss anything. No other curriculum covers this stuff!" ~ Jill of Jill's Home Remedies

Skill Trek has exceeded everything I hoped it would be.  My children are eager to earn nuggets and master new skills, and the lessons have been fantastic jumping points for further discussion and learning.  I highly recommend this program to all parents of children!" ~ Dawn of Cedar's Story


It won't be long before your own family sees similar benefits.

The day is not far away when you too will step back and say, "Wow, I can’t believe how much they can do because of Skill Trek." And you won't have to hunt for these changes, as they'll become self-evident.

When you call out for someone to make breakfast, and children jump at the chance to try out one of their new special culinary skills or replace a burned-out light bulb, take care of a blocked sink, a malfunctioning toilet, or any one of hundreds of skills, you'll love hearing, "Don't worry, Mom, I've got this!"

That’s when you’ll know how Skill Trek is building your child’s abilities and character, and any subscription price is inconsequential.

About the Authors and Creators of Skill Trek

The authors and creators of Skill Trek are a homeschooling and entrepreneural family with seven children who have a whole lot of fun together.

Skill Trek came out of the heart of this family as they started to see surprising life skill gaps forming,  Knowing that other families were facing similar circumstances, they got to work and created what they believe is the definitive program, flexible enough to cater to special needs and typically developing children alike.

Always keeping the parent in control and cultivating a springboard to pour knowledge and wisdom into your child's development, Skill Trek is designed to work with your family and to strengthen family relationships.

The Skill Trek team is there for you and with you every step of the way. If you choose to blaze the trails of Eagle Heights Mountain with us, you are part of the family. The Skill Trek team is committed to getting the very best tools into your hands and continuing to develop the program so that it meets your needs.

Yes you read that correctly, we are listening and we are accessible. We know that we either all succeed together or not at all. We run our business the way a business should be run.

More Testimonials:
"My kids keep asking "Can we do Skill Trek?" They love their [trail]guide and earning nuggets! I love that they're learning a wide range of life skills. It's a busy mom win, for sure!" ~ Tauna of Proverbial Homemaker

"Oftentimes as parents we underestimate our child's abilities. Skill Trek helps you set the bar high, but not too high for their age as well as ability. I love the ease of the site and how I can set the lessons for each child based on their needs. This is one program we will continue to use with each child as they grow!" ~ Annette of In All You Do

"I've enjoyed reading these lessons. So many basic things that have been lost in our society, but if we followed them, we'd have a better environment. Respect for older people, responsibility, cleaning up after yourself, being helpful and having a spirit of kindness - how did we lose all those things? I appreciate that this is being put out there and would be a great addition to any family's library. ~ Karen Saari of, member of the Skill Trek Editor Team
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